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Woman's Christmas wish: her dog's safe return | News

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Woman's Christmas wish: her dog's safe return

(WBIR- West Knoxville) Just days before Christmas, a West Knoxville woman is hoping for a miracle.

Dina Taher found her home ransacked Thursday night. Televisions and several other items were stolen, but most importantly to Taher, her dog, Mellow, who was missing as well.

"It's an open letter to whoever burglarized my home - December 18th, just one week before Christmas."

Less than a month ago, Dina and Mellow moved into the home. Thursday night she discovered the place in a mess, her belongings gone and her beloved dog nowhere to be found. Now, in an open letter, she's asking, hoping, to get Mellow back.

"A home that probably disappointed you at first, because I had such slim options to take. But you sure did help yourself didn't you."

She knows she can replace her material possessions, but she says it's her missing dog that hurts the most.

"I've had Mellow since 2010 he just turned 4. He's got a personality that brightens up anyone's day."

Taher says 4-year-old Mellow needs medical care. The dog could be suffering, she said, and you wouldn't know it. She says he has had multiple knee procedures and suffers from severe allergies.

"He was born with deformed hind right legs and, then, due to the deformed bones, the kneecap popped out. Then the left hind leg knee cap popped out we had to have surgery again. Same surgery, just different leg."

Even through all his struggles, Dina says she refuses to give up.

"A lot of people criticize me for spending so much money on him and going through everything I went through with him a lot of people would just put him down or take him to a shelter. I say, I'll give up when he gives up. But he shows no signs of giving up anytime soon. He's so happy so friendly so upbeat so full of life."

With the help of friends, Dina is working to find Mellow in hopes he can be home for the holidays.

"My Christmas gift to you is all the freestanding items you packed into your vehicle. All I ask for Christmas this year is for you to return my dog to his loving home."

Taher has met with a Knox County Detective, but the sheriff's office has not responded with a comment as of Friday night.

To help in the search for Mellow, click here.


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