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Guns in parks becomes discussion in Farragut | News

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Guns in parks becomes discussion in Farragut

(WBIR - West Knox County) Right now, guns are banned from parks in Knox County.

The discussion centers around Campbell Station Park. The change was recently voted down at a citizen forum. Now, Liston Matthews has submitted a petition to bring up the issue again.

Tennessee state law allows each county and municipality to decide whether or not to allow concealed carry in parks -- Farragut bans them.

That's what has Liston Matthews concerned. "The town of Farragut is not really regulating the wearing of arms here," explains Matthews. "They are absolutely prohibiting the wearing of arms in this particular area."

Campbell Station Park is heavily wooded, Matthews said, and would make it hard for someone to see a criminal out in the open.

But not all residents agree.

John Howell said he doesn't feel threatened when he spends time at the park.

"You would think from the way these people talk, is that we are just not safe out on the streets. I feel perfectly safe in this park," said Howell.

He understands that a person with a gun permit should have the right to carry, but believes more guns in public isn't going to stop violence.

"People just think that a Gat in the hand makes him a he-man," said Howell, "and I don't remember hearing anyone who saved his life or his family's life because he carried a gun to the shopping center or the Farragut park."

Matthews, however, sees the ban as a violation of the Constitution. He believes guns would help safety at the park, not create more danger.

"It's just pure wrong to strip someone of their ability to effectively defend themselves and then not provide some line of security."


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