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Good Samaritan finds Gold Star mom's stolen soldier statue | News

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Good Samaritan finds Gold Star mom's stolen soldier statue

ID=15370953(WBIR-Farragut) A Gold Star mother received some good news on Tuesday after someone stole a soldier statue from her front yard.

On Sunday, Sherrie McGhee of Farragut said she noticed her 100 lb. monument was gone.

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"As I moved some flowers over I noticed it was gone," she said.

McGhee received the statue from a fellow Gold Star mother. It had been sitting in her front lawn for the past year.

"I feel violated and I feel disappointed how could anybody steal something-- obviously it's military," she told 10News on Monday night.

Less than 24 hours after McGhee's story aired on 10News, a viewer called the station saying she had found the stolen statue.

"I really didn't think I would find it or anybody would find it for that matter," McGhee said.

Laura Gearhiser found the Army man on Sunday, hidden in the woods, while running on Farragut's greenway. The statue sat just a quarter of a mile from McGhee's home.

"I just figured it had something to do with the military. Didn't know the tragedy of your story," Gearhiser said.

Sherrie's son, Corporal Ryan McGhee, was killed in action in 2009. The 21-year-old lost his life while serving as a US Army ranger in Iraq.

"I have teenage sons... your sacrifice... when I think about your story, that really chokes me up," Gearhiser told McGhee.

McGhee responded by saying, "I mentioned this yesterday but when one door closes, and I don't consider it closed, I consider it cracked, another door opens. And look, another door opened."

McGhee plans to keep the statue some place safe.


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