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TWRA: Roaming bear caught in Knoxville | News

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TWRA: Roaming bear caught in Knoxville

(WBIR - Knoxville) TWRA officers told 10News they caught a bear Saturday afternoon believed to be the same bear spotted roaming throughout Northwest Knoxville earlier this week.

Clint Smith, TWRA Wildlife Officer, said the roaming black bear was spotted around 1:30 p.m. Saturday near the UT campus at the intersection of Sutherland and Concord. 

Smith said once he and other wildlife officers approached the bear it ran off into a residential backyard and climbed into a tree. 

TWRA officers then shot the bear with a tranquilizer and loaded it into a transport vehicle. 

Smith said he believes this is the same bear that residents spotted around Northwest Knoxville because they haven't received any more reports of bear sightings in that area. 

He also said they will likely tag the bear for monitoring purposes. It will then be treated and released back into the wild. 

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(WBIR - Knoxville) Officials are trying to catch a bear that several people have spotted roaming through Northwest Knoxville.

Sherry Conard said, "As I was getting up, I glanced out of the window and there was the bear running along Violet Avenue."

It seemed every time officials arrived to the area of a reported sighting the bear was nowhere in sight.

Conard said, "It went down Dayton Avenue and just kept going. And it had three cars following it. So, people were trying to keep track of it."

The weather Friday afternoon was nice, but there was hardly anyone outside because of fear the bear would appear and attack.

Christopher Wilson said, "I'm afraid they're in my woods over there because we have everything over there. We have red fox, we have raccoons. We have pretty much everything over there."

MacKenzie Milligan of Powell snapped a picture of the bear late Thursday near Emory Road and I-75.

Milligan said, "I said is that a bear. I didn't even believe it. And it stood up on its hind legs and it was probably like this tall. I mean it was huge. It was crazy."

Conard agreed, "It was a pretty good size bear."

Wilson added, "Get him out of here."

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) said the bear spotting is not unusual. TWRA said they have not set any bear traps yet because it keeps roaming from area to area.



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