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Knoxville attorney behind $5 million political donation | News

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Knoxville attorney behind $5 million political donation
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Knoxville attorney behind $5 million political donation

A Knoxville attorney behind the biggest corporate contribution to the 2012 election is answering some questions, while maintaining he doesn't have to explain anything at all.

According to NBC News, Specialty Group Inc. donated nearly $5.3 million between Oct. 1 and Oct. 11 to FreedomWorks for America, which is affiliated with former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey.  That super PAC (political action committee) spends much of its money on conservative campaign advertising.

William Rose says he's been bombarded with requests from the media and "watchdog" groups, and has released a 6-page press release, despite saying "I'm not sure why anyone wants to know my opinion in regard to these matters, but I've been besieged for an 'explanation' of why Specialty Group has donated its money in a particular legal fashion."

Some reports are questioning the fact that Specialty Group was just formed in September, and Rose responds to that, saying their is nothing "shadowy" about it.  He says Specialty Group was formed to buy, sell, develop, and invest in real estate ventures and investments. 

He outlines his political opinions and why he doesn't support President Obama in the release, which you can read here.


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