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Mosquito spraying set for two communities on Thursday | Health

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Mosquito spraying set for two communities on Thursday

Knox County health officials will treat two more communities for mosquitoes this Thursday.

Gulf Park Spray Area:
Dutchtown Road from Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK) to Blessed Way including Manis Lane and the area around CAK; Embarcadero Drive; Cortez Drive; Tallahassee Drive; Sanders Road from Dutchtown Road to Venice Road; Venice Road; Ethans Glen Drive; Tampa Road; Suwannee Road; Gulf Park Drive; Galveston Road; Naples Road; Sarasota Drive; Mobile Drive; Briarwood Drive; Laurel Hill Road; and the areas around Cedar Bluff Primary and Cedar Bluff Middle School will be sprayed Thursday night.  

Fourth Avenue Spray Area:
Cooper Street north of West Fifth Avenue; West Fifth Avenue from Cooper Street to Boyd Street; West Fourth Avenue; Elm Street; Marion Street; Dameron Avenue; Hatton Avenue; Burgess Avenue; Baxter Avenue from Elm Street to Wray Street; Lee Street; and Bernard Avenue will be treated Thursday.  



The spraying is scheduled for 9 p.m. to midnight.    

Residents in those areas are asked to stay inside and keep their pets indoors while crews are spraying.    

Follow up spraying will take place on Thursday, September 12.


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